Slowww Yoga Retreat

Do you feel like a Slowww yoga retreat that is all about relaxation, time for yourself and (h) honest food & drinks?

Treat yourself to five days of relaxation and come to the Slowww Yoga Retreat.

Just imagine...

You wake up peacefully in the morning and there is an extensive breakfast table waiting for you, with fruit, fresh croissants, coffee/tea, bread and other goodies. Down by the water you can see the yoga mats already waiting. After breakfast you enjoy a first Yin Yoga class to wake up your body in a very calm way and to start the day mindfully. After class you can retreat with a book in the hammock.

In the afternoon you can go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings or relax in a thermal bath, but only if you feel like it. Because you might prefer nothing at all. Or a swing.....or a massage. At the end of the day, relax with a second Yin Yoga class and then enjoy a delicious vegetarian 3-course dinner. Sit by the fire for a while and then go to bed completely rosy after a last Yoga Nidra session...

This is the Slowww Yoga Retreat

Only quiet forms of Yoga are given (Yin/Resotrative/Nidra)

We deliberately keep the groups small, with a maximum of 10 people

You stay in a room (shared or private) in one of the luxuriously renovated Gites or you opt for camping in an idyllic secluded spot on the site

You can enjoy an extensive breakfast, lunch and a 3-course vegetarian dinner four times

In addition to the lessons, we organize nature walks (sometimes in silence) and trips to a Thermen (sauna) and a Buddhist Monastery

You can fly to Clermont Ferrand (1.5 hours) by train (+/- 9 hours) or by car (+/- 900 km from Utrecht).

Pack your suitcase, take the plane, get on the train or in the car, and once you arrive with us, we'll take care of the rest. The Slowww Yoga Retreats are given by Miriam Evers from Slowww. Over the past 15 years, as a shiatsu therapist and yoga teacher, she has learned a lot about relaxation in the broadest sense of the word and has therefore experienced the (wonderful) effect of deep relaxation. Very gradually she started to apply this more in her own life and thus only became more interested in this subject. At the same time, she has a busy life with a family with young children and she knows better than anyone how your intention to relax regularly is the first to die on your overflowing to-do list. And that you feel bad about this again. To yourself. Because why does a moment that is really just for you often fail? A moment that is not only pleasant and pleasant, but essential to feel good, more vital, in balance and, above all, calmer in your head (and body).

She is now convinced that regularly switching back from the 'on', to 'off' or 'standby' position is so incredibly important (and nice!). And the great thing is, none of this needs to take that much time or effort.

During her retreats you will become acquainted with various easy ways to relax: during the quiet Yin Yoga classes, the guided relaxation session (Yoga Nidra), and (silence) walks.

In addition to the Slowww Yoga Retreats, Miriam also organizes Slow Sundays, Yin Yoga Concerts, and will soon launch an online relaxation training. She also gives chair massages and training at companies.