Photography week

Get more out of your camera

Want to get to know your camera much better and to see & know how to take beautiful photos? Photos that you can use immediately, that do not have to be edited first, which often takes up a lot of time.

A week dedicated to photography, with a balanced distribution of theory and getting to work in practice. You are in good company of enthusiastic photographers, who all want to go a step further in the practice of their hobby. Every day ends with a pleasant chat and sharing experiences while enjoying a good glass of wine and a snack. After all, we are also on vacation a bit.

Points of attention

  • the optimal exposure
  • histogram, coherence of aperture / shutter speed / ISO
  • composition, third-party rule, golden ratio
  • manual settings vs (semi) automatic
  • types of lenses, crop factor
  • serial work
  • The stay is based on full board. In the morning a delicious breakfast followed by a warm 3-course French-style lunch and in the evening an aperitif, as the French call it. A light meal with some snacks, bread and cheese. Over the day there is the necessary coffee / tea / soft drinks, home-made cakes, fruit etc available. For whom? This week is suitable for anyone with a (digital) SLR camera, both for beginners and more advanced photographers. Before you leave you will receive an overview of materials that you could use and bring with you if in your own possession. Would your partner also like to participate but not participate in the Photography course? Which can! He / she then only pays the costs for the stay and food & drinks.

    Christophe Thole is largely self-taught (started at the age of 18), supplemented by the Photography Specialist course (Photogram Amsterdam) and six months of Master Class by Govert de Roos (via the Fotovakschool in Rotterdam). In addition, a few workshops by Jan van der Meer, Geurt Besselink and others. Previously exclusively nature photographer but currently his specialty is human (portrait, but also as part of the environment), photographed without a 'mask', exposing himself (sometimes literally) as who he / she really is and therefore often rid of the obligatory smile .

    For photos and more information:

    Maximum number of participants in the Photography course =10


  • stay in comfortable, luxury Gites and / or camping in an idyllic spot on our country
  • breakfast, lunch, 3-course dinner (in between coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, homemade cakes and fruit)
  • supervision by photographer Christophe Thole (photo reviews)
  • in advance participants meeting in the Netherlands
  • Contact us for more information.