Slowww Yoga Retreat

Totally relaxed

Do you feel like a Slowww yoga retreat that is all about relaxation, time for yourself and (h) honest food & drinks?

Treat yourself to five days of relaxation and come to the Slowww Yoga Retreat from 3 to 7th of Sept or from 8 May to 12th of Sept (2021).

Treat yourself to daily:

  • quiet yoga classes (Yin yoga / Yoga Nidra)
  • honest food & drinks
  • beautiful walks in the beautiful, surprising environment
  • afternoon naps in the hammock
  • swing on the nicest big swing
  • You can also go to

  • spa, the Baths of Chateauneuf les Bains
  • Buddhist monastery (guided tour and guided meditation)
  • Pack your suitcase, take the plane, get on the train or in the car, and once we arrive we'll take care of the rest. Please contact Yoga Balance Retreat for more information.