In 1995 we, Basten and Christine, fell in love with each other in the midst of the overwhelming nature in New Zealand. Traveling the world together, we fantasized about our own small tourism company in a beautiful place in nature. Our heads were off, our hearts were on. This then happened automatically, we didn't think about it any further. Back in the Netherlands we built a life together, with a nice house, three wonderful children and warm family and friends around the corner.


In 2013, after four years of deliberation & roads, pluses & minuses, the helm turned. Our dream to share a special place with guests came true. Away from the hectic pace, the social (work) pressure and the large consumption. Back to basic; head out and heart on. That's what we wanted most.

It became this beautiful, powerful place in the heart of France, the surprising Auvergne!

Together with our children Pepijn, Sterre and Rhodee, we followed our dream to run a small-scale, child-friendly holiday domain. We love nothing more than to share our wonderful domain with you so that you too will close the Auvergne in your heart.


From then to now

When we arrived in the summer of 2013, we spent the first few months in the caravan. This way we could first get our house in order for the winter. Prioritizing the bedrooms of the children and ourselves. Then our living room.

Our house was very dated and not insulated at all. Renovating takes a lot of time & money so soon we had to switch to our source of income. The renovation of the houses, caravan and the approach to our site. A mega, nice job 😉.

Our own comfort; living room, kitchen and bathroom had to wait a while, but in the meantime we have been able to renovate that too.

The photos below are a small impression of what it looked like when we started our dream in 2013.

We had the fosse septique installations (drainage of sanitary facilities and kitchens) of our own house, the cottages and camping site installed. We have realized all other renovations ourselves in the past 10 years. Fortunately, we have regularly had help from family and friends. We started the first year with two cottages for rent, the second year with 2 cottages and the petit camping, the third year with 3 cottages and the petit camping. After that we started with the renovation of our company kitchen and écurie (inside dining facility).

With this, one of the most frequently asked questions is "what do you do in the winter?" partially answered 😉. If you have any questions or dream about a step like this, feel free to email us.

Renovation of our cottages