Walking and cycling

Touring cyclists, racing bike enthusiasts, all-round bike or ATB. But also for the real top athletes there is a suitable area to enjoy themselves to your heart's content. Across plains and through valleys, through gorges and through the highlands.

Via the countless mountain passes that the Auvergne has, there is always a path or a road that suits your level and wishes. There are numerous marked and described routes in guides that invite you to discover the area in an original way. We have a number of routes ready for you

he Sioule River with its Gorges winds around the corner. This beautiful gap has a pronounced relief. The ruins of the Chateau Rocher and Chouvigny fortresses have guarded the gorge since the Middle Ages. A route described as difficult winds around the rocks and the Sioule River. In short: a fantastic area for cycling with some challenging climbs and descents, but also natural barriers and surprises. Besides cycling, the Auvergne is also the area for fantastic walks.

Along the way you will hardly encounter anyone and you can enjoy wonderful winding roads and often surprising views. For many, one of the highlights is climbing (by bicycle or on foot) the Puy-de Dome. On top you have an unforgettable view all around. You can be brought up with a train but you can also walk up yourself and with the train down or vice versa. There are also different routes that you can walk, both from bottom to top and from top to bottom. Or for the real diehards up and walk and down again. Good shoes are recommended here.

We also have a number of routes available for walkers.

St. Priest des Champs, approx. 10 minutes away by car. A nice walk to the waterfall in a fairytale-like place, where you can have a picnic.

Laisle, approx. 35 minutes away by car. Nearby is a beautiful round volcano lake called Gour de Tazenat. Here you can walk around or swim in it, jump off rocks or simply enjoy the beautiful view and the tranquility on the beach with a bottle of wine and a baquette.